How to Cut a Marathon Mango

Always wash the Marathon mango with soap and (cool) water
Stand the Marathon mango stem-end down
Cut right and left halves off about ¼ inch from the stem
Slice or score the flesh without breaking the skin
Scoop out slices or cubes and enjoy!

Choosing a Ripe Mango

  • Do not focus on color (some varieties do not turn red or yellow when ripe)
  • Squeeze gently for ripeness
  • A ripe mango will give slightly

Ripening & Storage

  • Ripen at room temperature (over time they become softer and sweeter)
  • To speed up ripening, place in a paper bag
  • Once ripe, store in the refrigerator
  • Cut-up (seeded) mangos may be frozen for up to 6 months